Medichill’s innovative and AUSTRALIAN MADE Cool Cube products have been used by healthcare professionals, first aiders and patients worldwide for over 25 years. Providing easy to use and medication-free pain relief that is safe for all the family through the use of natural cold and heat therapy.

Specialising in:
- Comfortable birthing experience for expectant and nursing mothers
- Children’s first aid
- Orthopaedic surgery rehabilitation
- Facial and dental surgery recovery
- Sports injury first aid and management

RELIEF from pain, RECOVER promptly, RESUME your activity sooner with MEDICHILL.

Medichill Neck Cooler

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Medichill Perineal Cool Pads

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Cool Cubes Peri-Pad. Perineal tears, vaginal pain or C-Section discomfort are an unfortunate fact of life after childbirth, but it can be naturally soothed with Medichill’s Cool Cubes Peri-Pad.  Our Peri-Pads can also be used to provide cooling comfort to

Medichill Facial Trauma Pack

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Orthopaedic Ice Wrap

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Cool Cubes for Children

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Instant Ice Packs & Gel Ice Packs

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Instant Ice Packs require no refrigeration. Ideal for all sports clubs and a must for every first aid kit. Suitable for adults and children they can be used for variety of soft tissue injuries.  Gel packs are reusable and are ideally suited for both hot a