Softpack First Aid Backpack (30cm × 50cm × 15cm)

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Heavy duty First Aid back pack. Straps can be tucked into a compartment at the back of the pack. There is a carry handle on the top of the bag.

Large Zippered Compartment Size 30cm x 50cm x 10cm

4 detachable content packs with clear see through facings velcro into the larger compartment to keep items in place. On the opposite wall are two large fixed compartments with clear see though facings.

Smaller Front Zippered Compartment Size 30cm x 30cm x 6cm

Back Zippered Compartment suitable for the straps flat items

Please note that this bag is supplied empty and weighs 1.2kg

The AEROBAG range of softpacks have been specifically designed to meet the needs that exist within the first aid industry. These bags are ideal for portable usage and where space is limited.

SIZE: 30 × 50 × 15 cm

Product Code: BP001R

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