IMP2 Cool Cubes Large Cell 19.5x15cm 50 Pack

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  • The IMP2 sheet is ideal for the transportation of personal medications like insulin, commercial biotics and pathology samples.
  • Designed for extended cooling. Can remain frozen for over 24 hours if in a controlled environment like a cooler bag.
  • Each sheet comprises 2 cells each with the ability to absorb and retain 200mls of water. Can cut between the cells to improve the economy.
  • Stays dry when thawing so no damp mess in the bottom of the bag and no contamination of the article being transported.
  • Tip: use in conjunction with bubble wrap for even greater longevity


Medichill Cool Cubes are completely safe to use and non-allergenic.
Quality manufactured to ISO 9001
TGA registered 120115

Material Data Safety Sheet