Medichill Neck Cooler

Medichill Neck Cooler

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  • Cool relief for those experiencing hot flushes due to pregnancy, menopause or conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis
  • Comes with 2 reusable Medichill cooling strips for prolonged cooling.
  • Velcro fastening
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • No watery mess as the Medichill cooling strips thaw out
  • Colour: Navy with Medichill logo on the back
  • Fits up to size 18"/46cm neck
  • Australian made Medichill cooling technology is trusted by healthcare providers worldwide.


One of the key recommendations from The Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne, “is the use of a cold compress on the back of your neck” and that is where a Medichill Neck Cooler can greatly improve your feeling of wellbeing.


Extra Cooling Strips are available to purchase separately 


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